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California Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Were you fired from your job due to your race, gender, or another protected characteristic? Did your employer terminate your position after you reported wrongdoing in the workplace? If so, you may have a wrongful termination claim, and our firm is on your side. Contact our knowledgeable California wrongful termination lawyers today so you can tell us your story and so we can get started working on your case.

Wrongful Termination Lawyers | Here to Fight for You

Having your position at a company terminated is frustrating and humiliating, especially when you lost your job due to no fault of your own. That said, if you believe you were discriminated or retaliated against, our Los Angeles employment lawyers are here to fight for you and get the justice you deserve.

California is an Employment-at-Will State

California is an employment-at-will state, which means that employers can legally hire, or fire, any employee for any reason, or no reason at all. That said, employees are protected under both state and federal law from termination due to protected characteristics or retaliation for reporting injustices in the workplace.

What Constitutes a Wrongful Termination Claim?

For an employee to have a valid wrongful termination claim, they must prove that they were fired either due to discrimination or retaliation. If you believe you were fired due to any of the following protected characteristics, and have evidence to back up your claim, you may qualify for compensation:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Pregnancy
  • Religion
  • Military Status
  • Genetic Information

Additionally, if you reported an act of discrimination or wrongdoing in the workplace and were fired for exercising your rights as an employee, you should also have a valid retaliation/wrongful termination claim.

If you suspect you are a victim of wrongful termination, you should take the following steps:

  • Request your employer put their reasoning for firing you in writing.
  • Document any evidence of behavior that may support your claim.
  • Record any damages the termination has caused you (emotional trauma, lost wages, etc.)
  • Hire a competent California wrongful termination lawyer who can help you navigate the legal process of filing your claim, ensuring your rights are protected at every turn.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

In the state of California, victims of wrongful termination generally must file their claim within three years of the date they were fired. Though the statute of limitations can be shortened or extended in certain scenarios, it is always best to retain the services of an employment lawyer as soon after the incident as possible.

Contact a Wrongful Termination Lawyer Today

The bottom line is that if you’ve been unjustly fired from your job, you can depend on the steadfast legal advocates here at Stansbury Brown, PC to fight for justice on your behalf. Contact us today so you can tell us your story.

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